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About Refresh Wellness | Grand Rapids Holistic Health

What is Refresh Wellness?

Refresh Wellness is a Holistic Health Spa featuring detox mineral body wraps, infrared sauna therapy, red light therapy, ionic footbaths, wellness classes, and medical massage by Rebekah Grace.

Our services facilitate detoxification, weight loss, reduced inflammation, pain relief, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage while promoting healing and relaxation in the body. We believe that consistent gentle cleansing practices and deep relaxation training are just as important as diet and exercise when it comes to healing the body, losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and aging with grace and vitality.

An overly toxic body that is stuck in the stress response is not an environment where healing and release can take place. Reducing the toxic burden and teaching the body how to regularly access the parasympathetic state where deep rest, digestion and repair work takes place is absolutely vital to healing success and proactive wellness. In our overly toxic and overly stressed culture, we must recognize the effects of toxic overload and stress on our body and wellbeing and incorporate lifestyle practices that address these.

We are passionate about providing our community with a nurturing and relaxing space to come unwind and receive incredibly beneficial services while offering educational opportunities and resources to encourage even greater results.


When we realize the power to heal lies within us, we open the door to a whole new world of possibility where miracles happen

Our mission is to awaken and ignite the natural healing capabilities within the body. True healing is an internal process.

About Refresh Wellness | Grand Rapids Holistic Health


“The foot bath detox is amazing! I couldn’t believe the toxins that were released through my feet! I was very skeptical the first time I went for a foot detox. In fact, I didn’t believe it would really work. However, as I watched the foot bath water change in color and consistency I began to believe. Four of us were getting foot detoxifications and each persons looked different! I was convinced there truly was a detoxification in process and each individual had unique and different toxins to be released! The best part, for several days after I felt more energized and refreshed!”

— Kathy, Grand Rapids

“After my 3rd Body Wrap from Holly, my stomach felt the flattest it has felt since having a baby! What is also great about the body wraps is even days after getting them done they continue to make you feel better and motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good diet and exercise.”

— Heather, Grand Rapids

“My 8 year old son loves getting hand and foot detoxes! At age 8, even he can feel the benefits! The hand and foot detoxes help him with his allergies and sinus issues. I try to eat clean and stay as healthy as possible. I run and workout regularly. I enjoy the way I feel after a ‘good sweat’. It’s like a natural detox. A body wrap (especially after a run) is by far, the deepest and best detox I have ever experienced. Not only did I feel ‘clean’, I lost inches, and it tighten, and smoothed my skin.”

— Ryann, Grand Rapids

After years of caring for my elderly parents and sick daughter as well as working a high stress job as a paramedic, my own health and fitness had been neglected and it showed.

I was 100lbs overweight and felt worthless and had to figure out how to take care of myself because I had completely lost touch with what I needed to do to keep myself feeling strong.

When I began a weight loss program and dealt with my under active thyroid, I had lost 40 lbs and decided to try organic mineral body wraps at Refresh along with Infrared Sauna therapy, Red light therapy, and Ionic foot soaks.

I decided to go all out and really commit myself to my health and wellness and it has really paid off.

I’ve lost another 30 lbs with the therapies and wraps! However, what was even better was how it helped me feel more toned less bloated and thinner. It took inches off and helped me get my shape back.

I feel attractive again and my skin has been amazingly soft and clear, I have a healthy glow now.

Recently, I went to a family reunion and I continued to get told the same thing over and over throughout the day, “You look so good! What have you been doing?”

That day was motivation for me to continue on with my wellness journey. I’ve learned to spend the time and effort to take care of myself and it’s been a great experience.

— Donna, Grand Rapids