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About Refresh Wellness | Grand Rapids Holistic Health

About Refresh Wellness: Our Story

Want to know more about Refresh Wellness?

We started out as Refresh Body Wrap and Detox Center. Holly Terpsma opened the center in December 2014. Holly had always been interested in health and fitness, but it was through her own personal experience that she learned the importance of detoxification.

After looking for ways to manage some health concerns, she discovered that detox mineral body wraps combined with ionic footbaths made a profound shift in her healing journey. She became passionate about bringing this idea of detoxification to West Michigan.

In May of 2018, Andrea Wensley purchased Refresh Body Wrap and Detox Center and renamed it Refresh Wellness. Andrea has had her own personal struggle with health issues, and ultimately healed herself from Chronic Lyme Disease.

She wanted to educate and empower others to heal and live their best lives. When she began to work part time at Refresh in the fall of 2017, she instantly began utilizing all the services as an integral part of her self care routine.

Andrea explored a lot of different modalities in her healing journey and was amazed with the results she received at Refresh, especially with the mineral body wraps and sauna. When Holly decided to sell the business, she realized that this was the platform she had been looking for to fulfill her purpose. After living out West for over 12 years, Andrea felt called to expand health awareness and self-care in her hometown of Grand Rapids.

Michelle Helmholdt took over as full time manager in July of 2017. She shares the same passion and vision as Holly and Andrea and is dedicated to working in the field of health and wellness. She works closely with our clientele to ensure they receive their best results.

About Refresh Wellness | Grand Rapids Holistic Health

About Refresh Wellness: Our Mission

To spread wellness, create awareness and inspire awakening. We define health awakening as to explore new ways to heal, think, live and be well. At Refresh Wellness, we will continue to deliver information, services and modalities to help you live a healthier and happier life.

We believe attaining true health is a multifaceted approach, and are passionate about helping people discover their own unique recipe for what makes them feel whole.

About Refresh Wellness | Grand Rapids Holistic Health

About Refresh Wellness: our philosophy

Refresh Wellness believes that healing and health maintenance is a multifaceted approach. There is not a quick fix, one-size-fits-all approach to healing that our culture has led us to believe. The foods we eat, the self care we prioritize, the thoughts we think and our body movement result in the state of our wellbeing.

We believe you need to put your health into your own hands. Nobody is going to know your body, have your best interests in mind or advocate for you more than YOU!

As the information age has evolved, so must our health care. We have come to rely on Western Medicine to fix us when we are broken, but we have forgotten how to stay whole in the first place. We see more and more people seeking out natural resources to bring themselves back to optimal health.

Of course we need medical doctors, chiropractic doctors and naturopathic doctors for our serious and complicated health needs. However, we encourage everyone to become more involved in their own health journey so that YOU can feel confident and empowered when facing challenges and decisions concerning your most precious possession; your body.

Your body is designed to heal itself when you trust, allow and support it to do so. It is time to take ownership of your health journey and truly realize that your body is not only capable of miraculous healing, but of truly thriving. Investing in yourself is more important then ever as our families, our communities and our world needs YOUR light.

About Refresh Wellness | Grand Rapids Holistic Health

About Refresh Wellness: our promise


We promise to provide services that will assist your body to detoxify, release, relax and restore in a healing and safe environment. We believe in community and collaboration and realize that the services we provide are just one piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to provide resources, educational opportunities and introductions to other practitioners and modalities so that our clients can find their own individual recipe for what makes them whole.