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Bridal Services | Refresh Wellness

Bridal services at Refresh Wellness will not only help you achieve a radiant glow, softer, smoother skin and lose inches before your big day, but they will also deeply relax and restore you, which every bride needs! You will feel truly refreshed and confident walking down the aisle!

We love working with brides to make them feel beautiful inside and out before their big day!

Refresh Wellness bridal services include:

3 Detox Mineral Body Wraps
Lose inches, target trouble spots, tone and tighten skin, detoxify your body. Our detoxifying mineral body wraps work by infusing the body with a high quality dose of absorbable minerals, compressing the body in wraps using infrared heat.

10 Infrared Sauna Sessions
Helps with weight loss, deeply relaxes, detoxifies, builds immunity, smooths skin, reduces inflammation. Infrared sauna therapy transforms your body from the skin to areas deep inside your body.

6 weeks Unlimited Red Light Therapy
Reduce and repair fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage, cellulite, and other skin issues. Red light therapy is used to relieve pain and help the body heal itself while rejuvenating the skin. The red light can promote healing of eczema and psoriasis, repair sun damage, stretch marks, scars, acne and improve the skin’s overall appearance.

We recommend using these services within the 6 weeks leading up to your big day!

Book these services now in one convenient package to save over $300!

Bridal Package $580
($800-900 value)

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